7/18/2008 09:16:00 AM

Environmentally Friendly Faucet

Imagine yourself immersed in a private pool of swirling, bubbling, muscle-relaxing heated water. Then, because you love the sound of cascading waterfalls, imagine that your private pool is constantly filled by a never-ending cascading waterfall. This is the reality of the Jason patented Double Cascade Spout®.

Our uniquely designed faucet not only transports the bather into this wonderland of cascading waterfalls, but it does so without wasting gallons of water. The Double Cascade Spout® contains two independent faucets in one. The upper faucet, containing high flow rate valves, allows the heated water to quickly fill the bathing well, while the lower faucet, powered by the Quiet Design Whirlpool pump, continually recirculates the heated bathing water. By recirculating the water instead of continually re-filling the bath, over 50 gallons of water can be saved during each bathing session.

Designed and engineered exclusively for Jason Whirlpool baths, the Double Cascade Spout® is available as an optional selection. Visit our website
or consult your Jason Distributor for more details.