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Legacy of Innovation Marks Jason Hydrotherapy’s First 30 Years

MicroSilk®, Air-Masseur® and Whirlpool Baths, Pace-setting Strides in Comfort, Cleanliness and Quiet Affirm Commitment to Health, Wellness

North Little Rock, Ark. (June 7, 2012) – If the past is prologue, the future at luxury bathing systems manufacturer Jason International, Inc. is likely to be lustrous as the company marks 30 years of hydrotherapy innovation, leadership and success. Jason Chairman and CEO Remo Jacuzzi founded Jason International, Inc. with his children in 1982 after the sale in 1979 of the first-generation Jacuzzi family company that pioneered and came to define the hydrotherapy industry.“Our compass has been the commitment to craftsmanship and innovation inspired by the generation before us,” explained Jacuzzi, who is affectionately known as Mr. J. The company’s name is derived from Jacuzzi-Son. The company operates from offices at 8328 MacArthur Drive in North Little Rock, Ark.Through three decades, Jason Hydrotherapy has demonstrated its passion and prowess for developing and delivering products that enhance health and promote well-being. Its performance is extraordinary. With ErgospatialTM design, the company created a comfortable cradle for bathers and with its Patented Level-FormTM base, the company reduced noise, curtailed heat loss and trimmed installation costs.  With its Quiet DesignTM engineering, the company enabled bathers to hear themselves think as they rest, relax and recharge. And with its Sani-Design® technology, the company enhanced the cleanliness of whirlpool baths with systems that automatically keep water lines clean and dry. Jason Hydrotherapy brought to market AirMasseur®, the first air-bath made in the USA. It produced the first combination Air-Whirlpool bath made in America. And its commitment to innovation continues.
This spring, editors of Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Ideas selected Jason’s MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy, the first hydrotherapy created specifically to rejuvenate skin, among its top innovative new products. MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy quietly generates billions of oxygen-rich MicroSilk® bubbles that are much, much smaller than those from traditional jetted and air baths. So they are able to penetrate the pores, gently cleanse and hydrate the skin and fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.“Innovation is at the heart of what we do,” said Jason President Jerry Prewitt. “Our dedicated, hard-working people make exceptional products. They provide unsurpassed customer service. This milestone is a testament to their drive and commitment to enhance health and wellness every day through the best hydrotherapy products in the world.”

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Jason International Wins Design Excellence Award For MicroSilk®

MicroSilk®Hydrotherapy Bathing System Lauded Among 2,814 Entries from 500+ Firms

North Little Rock, Ark. (May 16, 2012) – Jason International, Inc. announced today that MicroSilk®, the patent-pending technology behind its popular skin-revitalizing hydrotherapy baths, received Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) honors for 2012. MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy won a Gold Award in the largest and most prestigious annual awards program for product design of furniture, fixtures and finishes.
Design Journal, the authoritative international trade publication for interior designers, architects and facility managers, sponsored the annual design excellence search.
“We are grateful for this accolade from an authoritative panel of industry judges,” said Jason Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Remo Jacuzzi. “The industry award follows the selection this spring of MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy among the 30 most innovative products of the year by the editors of Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Ideas.”
“To earn praise from both design industry trendsetters and leading consumer authorities reflects well on our company and our people, who make the world’s best hydrotherapy products right here in the USA,” Jacuzzi said.
MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy quietly wraps bathers in an oxygen-rich cloud of microbubbles. The luxurious sensation creates a unique therapeutic experience. Because  MicroSilk® microbubbles are so much smaller than bubbles from jetted baths and air baths, they gently cleanse the pores, moisturize the skin and erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
MicroSilk® is available on more than 50 Jason bath designs in a variety of shapes and sizes and may be combined with other forms of Jason Hydrotherapy.