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MicroSilk Featured in Tennessee Publication

MicroSilk Hydrotherapy is featured in AT HOME TENNESSEE

Jason's MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy is featured in At Home Tennessee magazine in their article titled "Skin Remedies" in the current October issue. 

At Home Tennessee is a statewide lifestyle publication featuring topics from d├ęcor, design, fashion and beauty to cuisine, entertaining, travel and health. 

Thanks, At Home Tennessee, for getting the word out about this wonderful hydrotherapy that is truly a miracle for the skin! See Jason MicroSilk® in their current publication here. For more information about MicroSilk® and other Jason Hydrotherapy Products, please visit our website at www.jasoninternational.com.

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Health, Wellness Attributes Drive Luxury Hydrotherapy Bath Purchase Decisions

(NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) -- The bath is back.

Consumer trends have shifted during the past century from baths to the convenience of showers. Yet, as more Baby Boomers age and more families create multi-generational households, preferences for bathtubs – especially those separated from showers – are trending upward.

“Consumers are moving back to baths for the therapeutic benefits,” explained Jennifer Jacuzzi-Peregrin, co-owner and top marketing executive with Jason International Inc., based in North Little Rock, Ark. “Many want those restorative properties long associated with the cleansing of the body, calming of the mind and renewing of the spirit.”

Jacuzzi-Peregrin, a member of America’s first family of hydrotherapy, offered these keys to homeowners as they select the best bath:

Right Fit – Measure available space and select a bath appropriate for the size and shape. Luxurious baths come in round, oval, rectangular and corner shapes, among others, and a variety of lengths and widths. There are many opportunities to find a comfortable fit and a bath that maximizes lumbar support.  Your bath should fit your body. So try it before you buy it by sitting in the bathing well to see if it feels comfortable. These days many consumers are opting for free-standing pedestal baths as part of a transitional approach to interior design that blends the comfort of traditional with the sophistication of contemporary.

Right Hydrotherapy – Consider who uses the bath and benefit from hydrotherapy options. Would a grandparent with arthritis benefit from a long, warm soak? Would a massage help a high school athlete with tired, sore muscles?  Would mom like to wind down, relax and get ready for a restful night of sleep?  Jason offers Soaking Hydrotherapy, AirMasseur® Hydrotherapy, Whirlpool Hydrotherapy and its new, patented MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy, the first hydrotherapy created specifically to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.  Various forms of hydrotherapy may also be combined and may be operated independently or at the same time.

Right Options – Optional features enable bathers to customize the hydrotherapy experiences. A digitally controlled LED chromatherapy lighting system provides a soothing choice of aqua, blue, green, purple, red and orange. A sound immersion system puts you in the music by transforming your bath into a speaker. Automated drying and sanitation systems help keep systems clean and healthful and plumbing lines dry between uses.

Right Quality – Shop, compare and focus on quality, so the result will be a bathroom and bathing system with which you can live healthy and well for many years.

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Search for the Optimal Bathing Experience Combines Art and Science

(NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) -- The power of water to cleanse the body, calm the mind and uplift the spirit has been understood since the days of ancient Babylon, Greece and Rome. These days, however, consumers have more choices in hydrotherapy baths and broader access to the health benefits they provide than ever before.

“Hydrotherapy helps release toxins, relax muscles, enhance circulation and hydrate the skin, all as it promotes relaxation,” said Jennifer Jacuzzi-Peregrin, co-owner and top marketing executive with Jason International Inc., based in North Little Rock, Ark. “MicroSilk, the newest technology from Jason, even fades wrinkles, combats aging and lifts spirits.”

 “At a time when nearly 25 percent of American women aged 40 to 59 take stress-reducing medications every day, it’s important to consider the natural benefits of hydrotherapy as part of a daily bathing ritual,” she said. “These benefits are available to everyone who has a bath.”

Jacuzzi-Peregrin, a member of America’s first family of hydrotherapy, offered these suggestions to consumers as they consider which hydrotherapy bath is best for them:

Soaking Hydrotherapy – A long, deep soak in warm water stimulates the contact and temperature nerve receptors on the surface of the skin. These signals tell the brain to increase circulation, as it does when the body undertakes cardiovascular exercise. This ancient form of hydrotherapy releases stress and promotes relaxation.

AirMasseur® Hydrotherapy – AirMasseur® provides a gentle air-bubble massage as millions of warm air bubbles are released through strategically spaced air jets on the sidewall of the bath. AirMasseur® engages the light-touch nerve receptors just below the surface of the skin. The brain responds by boosting circulation and promoting relaxation.

Whirlpool Hydrotherapy – Whirlpool delivers streams of pressurized air and water through focused jets and transfers this energy deep into muscle tissues below the skin to the pressure nerve receptors. This energy relieves tight, stressed muscles, rejuvenates muscle tissues and improves flexibility in the joints.

New MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy – MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy is Jason International’s newest and uses its newly patented technology to generate tiny, oxygen-rich micro-sized bubbles that enter the pores of the skin. These microbubbles hydrate and moisturize the skin, fading the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaving skin silky to the touch. In addition, anions generated in the mist on the surface of the water stimulate serotonin levels and promote feelings of well-being similar to those experiences near waterfalls or ocean waves.

 “Hydrotherapy bathing systems are available in combination, MicroSilk®-AirMasseur®, MicroSilk®-Whirlpool and Air-Whirlpool, and may operate independently or together,” Jacuzzi- Peregrin said. “We manufacture the quietest baths on the market. And we provide optional chromatherapy, sound immersion and other luxury bathing systems technology for a truly unique hydrotherapy experience.”