11/12/2013 04:12:00 PM

Tiny Bubbles and Oxygen Relieve Toddler's Rare Skin Condition Through New Bathing Technology from Jason International

Two-Year-Old Covered in Dry, Blistering Skin finds Moisture, Relief for Better Sleep, Reduced Infection, and Healthier Skin in MicroSilk® Microbubble Oxygen Bath

North Little Rock, Ark. - (November 2013) Anthony Rotondo describes the birth of his daughter as a "life changing event." His wife Victoria explains, "We go to the grocery store late at night because she can't control her body temperature and is susceptible to heat and cold. We coat her in coconut oil and Aquaphor® three to four times per day. We arrange everything we do to make her comfortable."
Their two-year-old daughter Mary Elizabeth was diagnosed with lamellar ichthyosis, a rare skin disease, at birth. Characterized by dryness, cracking, flaking, and blistering skin, people diagnosed with ichthyosis produce as much skin in one day as an average person would in one week. This rare genetic condition affects one in 200,000 people and has no known cure.

The Rotondo family, of Inverness, Fla., works daily to keep Mary Elizabeth moisturized and create a healthy environment for her to play and grow. Despite their efforts, Mary Elizabeth suffered 19 staph infections in her first 15 months of life and rarely slept through the night. Due to the recurring infections, Mary Elizabeth was ultimately barred from day care. 

But the infection stopped, and the sleeping started once the Rotondos found relief for Mary Elizabeth in an unlikely place -- a bath tub. "Our dermatologist suggested we try a small demo bath at his practice equipped with MicroSilk® hydrotherapy. After just 20 minutes in the bath, her skin was noticeably softer, and she slept peacefully the whole way home," said Victoria. 

"MicroSilk® was so beneficial that we made the 140-mile round-trip drive to the dermatologist weekly for nearly four months. We ultimately installed a full-size bath in our home, and MicroSilk® is truly an effective part of Mary Elizabeth's skin care routine. Since getting the bath, she hasn't had a single staph infection. It has been such a blessing!" 

Mary Elizabeth's relief is the result of decades of hydrotherapy engineering.  MicroSilk® is a revolutionary bathing technology developed by Jason International, founded by Remo Jacuzzi. MicroSilk® creates tiny bubbles small enough to enter pores and remove toxins for superior cleansing and hydration. The oxygen-rich microbubbles gently exfoliate the skin, removing dry scales and improving skin tone. The oxygen level in a MicroSilk® bath is up to 70 percent higher than regular tap water. A natural cleanser, oxygen kills anaerobic pathogens and neutralizes free radicals on contact. 

"We are proud to offer a hydrotherapy that makes skin more beautiful and improves quality of life for families like the Rotondos.  MicroSilk® technology reflects our ability to lead in our industry with nature's most basic elements-oxygen and water," stated Jacuzzi. 

"After experiencing MicroSilk®, we didn't think we could have a bath in our own home. We were so happy to find that we could make MicroSilk® a part of Mary Elizabeth's daily skin care routine," said Victoria. "To have her grow up comfortably and to treat her skin naturally without a constant dose of antibiotics is a huge leap for us as a family."  

To learn more about Mary Elizabeth, visit http://www.jasoninternational.com/wellness/maryelizabethsstory.aspx.

Other MicroSilk® users, including those with eczema and psoriasis, reported that the hydrotherapy has restored a healthy look and feel to their skin and enhanced their lives.
For more information on how MicroSilk® improves your health visit Jason's Real Results Page.

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